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Dramatic Theater (Warsaw)

Theater group 80

Theater in the Josefstadt


Raimund Theater    

United Theaters Vienna 

Vienna State Opera

City Theater of Baden

Stadttheater Klagenfurt

Stadttheater Berndorf

Kammerspiele (Hamburg)

Fritz Remond Theater (Frankfurt)

Salzburg Festival

Festival Reichenau

THEATER ROLE (selection)

Britannicus in Jean Racine's "Britannicus"

Leicester in Friedrich Schiller's "Mary Stuart"

Edgar in "King Lear" by William Shakespeare

Laertes in "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare

Astolf in "Life is a Dream" by Calderon de la Barca

Scipion in Albert Camus' "Caligula"

Max in "Erik XIV" by August Strindberg

Clitandre in Moliere's "Le Misanthrope"

Giles Ralston in "The Mousetrap" by Agatha Christie


MUSICAL ROLE (selection)

Petruchio in "Kiss Me, Kate" by Cole Porter

Cornelius in "Hello, Dolly!" by Jerry Herman

Luigi Gaudi in "Lucky Stiff" by Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty

Franz Stephan, Karl V, Ottokar   in "The Habsburgs" by Michaela Ronzoni and Christian Kolonovits    

Old pianist in "Forbidden Ronacher" by Hannes Muik and Werner Sobotka

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Forbidden Ronacher
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